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The basic point is don't be stupid. By browsing this site, you automatically accept all my terms, which isn't much. Just be nice and don't break (or try to break) my stuff.


If I really wanted your information, I have other ways of taking it. Visiting this site is not one of them. When you visit this site, I don't attempt to collect any information about you.

I also do not store any data about any visitors. The only information that might be gathered is the IP address used to connect to this site, stored in my web server logs.


I love cookies! Only the real physical baked cookies, not the text file virtual things that scumbag advertisers use. This means I don't use any.


The content on this site is my thoughts and opinions (me being iDigitalFlame). My opinions do not represent my employer(s) or anyone else but myself. If you don't like what I think or write I do not care.

If I use something from something/someone else, I will try to fully cite my sources or give credit. If you think that I have used something without proper/have incorrect citations, please let me know by contacting me on Mastodon.


Due to the nature of the Internet, I might link to external sites. External links added are mostly sites that I have visited before. However, always practice safe security measures when visiting any link on the Internet (even mine). I cannot guarantee your device's safety when you visit any link that I have on this site.

will try to keep links up to date and prevent broken ones, but contact me on Mastodon to let me know if that happens.


No funny business.

Last thing, don't try to attack this server or the web app. I don't approve or allow any testing of the devices, applications and hosts on this Server, IP or DNS address. Don't even try as I actively ban IP addresses that attempt it. Seriously, don't.