The Box Breaker and Script Creator

Tinfoil Cowboy

Offensive Security Specialist, Application Engineer, Developer, Researcher, Electrical Engineer, Bird Dad and Idiot.

- Some great words to describe myself!

From jobs to personal projects, I've encountered many different situations, met many diverse people and unwillingly learned new programming languages (looking at you PHP).

My combined experience helps drive the thought process behind all my projects and allows me to constantly strive towards improvement of my current projects or development of great and new ideas!

You may have heard of me from my work as the software development lead for The Scorebot Project or my custom C2 framework XMT. If not, it might be from one of my other numerous Projects that or you may have ran into me as a Blue Teamer (which in case, Hi! lol).

Regardless, my main goal is constantly improving my own work and being able to pass on the things I've learned to others.

Keyboard Cat

If you ever play the Pros Versus Joes CTF or are at any major InfoSec con (BSidesLV, BSidesDC, BSidesDE, Shmoocon, Defcon, Blackhat, etc..) you might just run into me! I can always be found wherever the dank memes are.

Don't forget to peek at my Twitter to check up on the shenanigans that I'm getting into or to get a heads up on any updates to my projects!

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