Here's a list of the current major projects I have going on. (If a project doesn't have a page, either I haven't had the time to write about it or I'm too lazy/busy). For anything else I haven't listed you can view my public GitHub repositories here.

The Scorebot Project

Scorebot Core

As one of the primary developers of the scoring engine used in Pros V Joes and other CTFs. I enjoy working on this complicated project.

GitHub / Releases

Scorebot Scoreboard

There is now a Scoreboard client/display for Scorebot. This Scoreboard allows for real time updates and can display videos and text. This was the Scoreboard used at BSides Las Vegas 2019 Pros V Joes.

GitHub / Releases

XMT: eXtensible Malware Toolkit

The eXtensible Malware Toolkit, or XMT, is a C2 framework written in Golang. This toolkit come with many connection, management and execution options. Proxy connections, C2 Transforms, and easy encryption or compression wrapping are some of the most powerful features.



Windows Backdoor Framework with Anti-malware protection, used in In Your Mems. Contains some great example functions for starting Windows C programming.


System Management Daemon (SMD)

Python based framework for managing power and system resources.
Energy efficient and easily configurable. Comes with the Hydra QEMU hypervisor management system.



Here are my Dotfiles (configuration files) that I currently use on my primary machine.