The Man, The Myth, the Legend

Tinfoil Cowboy (Defcon 2019)

Tinfoil Cowboy (DEFCON 2019)

“The mysterious hacker, known only as iDigitalFlame, seems to just quickly appear and disappear, only leaving snark and annoyance behind.”

Perfect description in my opinion.

Hi! 👋 (That’s a waving hand emoji for you crazy people reading this over text-based browsers or if you’re /r/linuxmasterrace using vim *sarcasm*), I’m iDigitalFlame, some call me “Dij” (pronounced Dĭeg, blame @dichotomy1 for that), but whatever you call me (as long as it’s not “asshole”). I’m more than your average run-of-the-mill hacker with a website. Many times, I’m almost invisible on the scene or more likely just busy, but I try to stay involved as much as possible.

What do you even do then?

Well, my TL;DR for people that ask is “work/gym/projects/Reddit or cons”.

I work as a Red Teamer for [REDACTED] helping the private/public sector areas get their cyber security shit together during the day. In the early mornings or later in the evenings, I spend time at the gym working out (I try to break the stereotype that not all hackers are fat/lazy). When I’m not doing either of those two things, I am usually working on some project or helping with coding/logistics.

That sounds vague due to the many different types of things that I’m involved or take part in, which I’ll explain below. When that is all done, I like to browse Reddit, go to cons (when I can or work allows) and generally chill out/meditate (to help me stay sane).

Tinfoil for Protection

Tinfoil for Protection (DEFCON 2018)

What are you involved in?

There’s a good number of things, surprisingly. I’ll even create a list:

Pros Versus Joes / BSides Las Vegas / BSides DC

If you haven’t heard of the Pros Versus Joes CTF, you can read about it here. It’s an awesome competition with some great people that run the show (including myself /shamelessplug). We always bring some interesting things to the table and the staff are very creative about new, fun and cool stuff to add to the game. I work on the Gold Team, which makes me responsible with managing game logistics, such as servers, and the primary components Scorebot and the Scoreboard.

One of my main involvements in PVJ is Scorebot and the Scoreboard. I’m not the only developer; there are some amazingly smart people that also contribute (and fix my shitty code). I’m just the lead developer in charge (the one who fixes shit when it breaks) and I mange core logic and the ensure the execution of the fun stuff (and memes!) that appear on the Scoreboard.

This is combined with me volunteering at BSides Las Vegas (which is a fun con, if you’ve never been), so I will always make the effort to be present there, hanging out at the Gold Team table. Don’t be shy to stop by and say Hi!

BTW, we now also run the CTF at the awesome BSides DC security conference (since 2018), so I’ll be there at the Gold Team table (or running around fixing things), posting some dank memes on the Scoreboard.

BSides Delaware

The other amazing conference that I take part in is BSides Delaware. Run by some awesome and funny-as-hell people. I’m on staff to help with logistics (I swear that’s my specialty) and assist with the local CTF that occurs during the conference. While smaller than Las Vegas, BSidesDE is a great place to learn interesting stuff and meet some cool people. I enjoy being on staff there and you might catch me running around ensuring that stuff goes where it is supposed to. Just like BSidesLV, I’m also making sure that Scorebot doesn’t crash.

Malware Creation / Side Projects & Coding

I work on some fun coding projects when I get free time. I have learned an absurd amount of programming languages over my career (most not by choice) and use that to my advantage to make cool stuff, which I open source to the community (Gotta “Hack it Forward”).

Malware creation is one of my prides, as I will weaponize and deploy it anytime I’m on the Red side of a CTF. While Blue teams may love disabling/deleting accounts, much of my Malware makes it easy for users to connect and does away with all those silly “permission” issues. I think some victims get a kick out of my naming scheme, which is “JohnCena”, because YOU CAN’T SEE (DELETE) HIM! HE’S JOHN CENA!!! While most of it is written in C, I’m working on converting it to Golang (which is awesome), to make things easier (and so my applications don’t crash if I forget a “free” statement).

Other than malware, I create other useful (non-malware) tools and utilities that I update and publish to GitHub. While most are simple scripts needed to make life easier, I occasionally create some cool larger projects or configuration files for security/hardening. Just watch GitHub (or the Projects page) for that.

Fitness / Food Hacking

Lastly, the oddest out of the bunch is my side as an exercise and “food hacking” enthusiast. Basically, it boils down to me using my creative side mostly reserved for programming, to create and cook meals/food that is delicious and super nutritious too. Gotta keep them gains! When I get the time or if it’s good enough, I’ll post some of my ideas and recipes here.

On the fitness side of things, besides the gym, you can find me at fitness type events, like 5k’s or other types of fitness charity events. They are pretty fun and they always support a good cause, I’d call that a win-win!

Anything Else?

That should be all of it (dam I write too much, just like I talk lol). Feel free to hit me up using Twitter, I will try to respond when I can. If you ever see me in person at any of the many cons that I attend, don’t be scared of saying Hi! I’m surprisingly approachable and I don’t bite (just protect your electronic gear and sensitive data).

That’s enough writing, I need some coffee (I <3 Coffee). I’ll post updates here or on Twitter when I can. See you at the next conference!